Four Sociological Metrics in the south of the U.S.

The impact that sociological metrics has in different parts of The United States.



Socioligical metrics is something that effects all citizens in our society. These metrics effect different parts of the country based on where someone may live or what kind of opportunites may one have. This data will present the impact on four sociological metrics: educational attiainment, peace index, poverty rate and non-religious.

Educational Attainment

Education plays a large part in any one persons self developement and growth. Within the U.S. educational programs vary and can have a great impact on how many students not only graduate high school but actually attend college. These numbers represent the amount of citizens that have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Poverty Rate

Every American struggles with balancing work, finances and family. Families income can very from state to state depending on household and family size. These numbers represent the number of households in the South that are living above the poverty line by household income.